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Staring at the Sun

Staring at The Sun(983kb).jpg

Staring at The Sun_Acrylic on Panel_30x30(cm)_2016

Staring at the Sun

Staring at the Sun.
'To manifest the seemingly impossible'
How dare we look at the burning sun with human eyes.
My eyes are already stinging with tears, and I feel the tongue of pure light rubbing and licking at my pupils, eventually blinding me white.
All I experience is my reckless desire, every moment a condensed eternity, the prospect of death. 
Illusions of light ripple through me. 
The desire to live becomes a challenge, the challenge becomes condensed time, and condensed time calls for death. Death, now called, is another name for the starkness of light. 

The vibrancy and reality of life, aroused by desire and challenge, is translated into visual language through the act of looking at the sun with bare eyes. The process of searching for the link between the vivid activity of life and death, and the sculptural language that resolves it, is expressed in this work, "Staring at The Sun," as waves of light spreading from the center. The superposition of numerous layers of blue and golden colors is a processual mechanism that shows how subtle life mechanisms and thoughts are actually inherent in the symbolic starkness of blue and golden colors.

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