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     The works are composed of translucent white waste paper pieces sewn together with thread. The identity of the pieces is nameless and amorphous, so they can be joined in any direction and disassembled into pieces without rejection. Rather than a solid, fixed, and unchanging monumental structure, it captures the variability of form that shows the artistic act itself and the process of change.  The work is based on the ideology of latency, which does not prioritize the ending, but embraces and carries with it the other, keeping in mind the unrevealed. The title of the work, Milk, is derived from the similarity of the sensory elements of the work to the form of a milk film during the process of execution. With this title, I envision an expansion of the work's original idea of nothingness. Since the beginning of time, 'milk' that sustains newborn life is common and white and amorphous, but could our lives exist without it? It is a work that seeks to cross the line between 'nothing' and 'the most important thing' through the hybridization of 'concept' and 'sensation' in art. 

Square 4x4.jpg

Milk 2021-1,2,3,4_ Semi-transparent Wasted Paper, Thread_Variable Size_2021

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