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Her Earth, Her Skin - 낳기

Her Earth, Her Skin - 낳기(reduced)_edited

Her Earth, Her Skin-낳기-Variations of The Pain and Joy-Inside Her

-A State That Cannot Be Filled with Language_ Latex, Gold Thread_Variable Size


   Although I have never seen it, I have always felt the presence of the uterus inside my body. The pain of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the uterine pain that comes at the right time every month, is an experience where the sensory presence of the uterus dominates and overwhelms everyday life. I started this work to confront this pain. The skin-like rubber pieces are connected by dense gold threads to form a tattered organic membrane. The image of a wrinkled and ruptured womb conveys all the pain that accompanies it, as well as a flash of pleasure that is not just pain. In this personal narrative of ambivalence, the softness and elasticity of the pseudo-skin tissue, the crackle of the gold thread, and the imagined tactile sensation of the needle passing through the membrane during the procedure, all come together: time, sensation, and emotion. This work was created to share with others these mixed elements evoked by the stitched body fragments. It brings the womb, sacred or profane, and the womb that has been shrouded in a veil of silence, out into the open to give birth to an unspoken language.

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