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Gold Variations

   As a practitioner of art based on visual imagery, the criteria for the color scheme of a work is influenced by a combination of factors, including socio-cultural perceptions and consensus on the color, and personal preference. In this piece, I am attempting to engage with our perceptions of the color gold and its various psychological connotations. In religious iconography, objects represented by the color gold have been a symbol of holiness. In the history of mankind, whether in the East or the West, the idea of a set of values as 'sacred' has been expressed very frequently by borrowing the authority of the color gold. I was intrigued by the fact that the companies that produce the color gold have their own definition of what constitutes a "golden color." I looked at the colors that they considered to be the most "golden," and brought them together and painted them densely to reveal their differences. The collection of each of these color units physically glows with the sum total of diversity and difference that dreams of the idea of gold.


Gold Variations 2018-01_Acrylic on Paper_28x36(cm)_2018

L’autre 2022-01, 03, 04_Mixed Media on Panel_33x33, 27x27, 16.5x16.5(cm)_2022

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