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내 피부같은 담요
Blanket like My Skin

 'Blanket Like My Skin' began with the act of drawing small-scale patterns resembling the image of a life circle on various types of discarded waste paper, such as wrapping paper, napkins, and cotton paper, and then gluing and sewing the pieces together to create a blanket that resembles a blanket, with the intention of empathizing with those who sew blankets out of love for others, and to give new life to the discarded pieces by connecting them.
Small units with different histories are connected, carrying the traces of the histories they have gone through, and move towards a single echo, which is covered by the trees suspended in the air in the exhibition space, warming and comforting their souls. A biomorphic archetype, such as a mother's skin, is covered by the other, conveying her warmth. The tearable waste paper is a metaphor for skin with living tactile layers, and the drawing on it is like a tattoo, an indelible trace of life inscribed in the genes. The tactile state of contact emphasizes the emotional aspect, and the warmth of the act of embracing is incorporated into the work.
The (dead) trees are suspended in mid-air, their branches and roots delicately exposed to the outside world as if they were tentacles of life. In addition, the roots, which express the history of life, are exposed to the outside, creating a situation outside of gravity, such as the appearance of the first human being in a maternal body. Dead trees with their trunks and roots delicately exposed are installed as if they are floating in the air without any distinction between up and down gravity.

내 피부같은 담요-DOS 2018_Blanket like My Skin – DOS 2018_(죽은 나무 6그루와 드로잉 설치)

Blanket like My Skin(part8).jpg
Blanket like My Skin(part5).jpg
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