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김서윤,김이준,김하린(공동작업),Bebe+Scientist+Artist, 106.5X180, Acrylic on Mylar, 2012~2014, 작업과정.jpg

Her Earth, Her Skin-낳기-Variations of The Pain and Joy-Inside Her

-A State That Cannot Be Filled with Language_ Latex, Gold Thread_Variable Size


   During my first child-rearing years, when I had no other life than caring for my baby, I attempted to fulfill the experience of having my artistic desires suppressed by the baby's surrogate artistic performance. In <Bebe+Scientist+Artist>, I gave my baby a paintbrush and let her draw to her heart's content in order to resolve her dissatisfaction with the impossibility of performing artistic works in reality. The drawings created by the baby, regardless of their aesthetic value, stand as traces of the mother's desires that are vicariously fulfilled by the child's desires. In this work, the mother appears as an absent artist, and the baby takes her place, but the baby is not an artist and cannot fill this absence. However, all the work related to the child that the mother plans is produced as a result of the mother's desire.

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