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Floating in the Air

Froating in the Air1(reduced).jpg

Floating in the Air_Installation with Drawings_Variable Dimensions_2006

Project; Floating in the Air(reduced).jpeg
Floating in The Air (Installation View)(reduced).jpg
Floating in the Air view3(reduced).jpg
   The two-dimensional works are all painted on translucent film (mylar), which makes sense as stand-alone works in their own right, but within Project; Floating in The Air, the idea of installation is more strongly represented. In other words, instead of each work being displayed on the wall in an isolated frame, the 20 works are suspended in the air, floating in space, and can be viewed from both the front and back. 'Project: Floating in The Air' consists of a cluster of drawings that capture a moment in time of the human figure, always in a process of change. It is a drawing installation project that actively seeks to include the viewer's own human existence as a part of the human group in the center of the works surrounding them.
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