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수천 년을 살아온 자아에 대한 이야기

수 천년을 살아 온 자아에 대한 이야기(reduced).jpg

수 천년을 살아온 자아에 대한 이야기_Mixed Media on Canvas_142x187(cm)_2010

수천년을 살아온 자아에 대한 이야기(과정1)(reduced).jpg
수천년 살아온 자아에 대한 이야기(과정)2(reduced).jpg

   Your body is the site of a life spark in every moment. The surging blood that flows through the body of the present self, fulfilling life moment by moment, has lived for thousands of years through our mothers, their mothers, and their mothers. 
The numerous red pieces that make up the work are drawn and cut out of embryonic shapes drawn on translucent film, each individual element reconfigured and glued together to form a shape that suggests a writhing life force. The red embryo-shaped things pasted on are both the stirrings of the composition that now makes up my blood, and the myriad of individual stories contained in every mother throughout human history. It is a superimposition of the mothers of the distant past and the self living in the present.

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